10 Apps You Must Install in 2022 (Number 7 the Most Downloaded Application)

With the development of technology, the more advanced the devices provided to us with high specifications make it easier for us to carry out all activities using Android Smartphone phones.

You can do all activities such as making financial transactions, editing high-resolution photos and videos to playing heavy games on your cellphone. Of course your phone must have high specifications.

By using your cellphone, you can also make money, you know. Like making money by selling photos to photography applications, or also doing forex trading can also be done on your cellphone.

Trading forex on your mobile is also a good investment move. You also won’t be in vain just using your cell phone to scrolling social media, because you can also use your cellphone to make money.

Therefore, if you are thinking of installing an application that is useful and has its own advantages, you can try to install the best application recommendations below. The following applications are official and available on the Play Store which you can install directly.

Immediately, here are some applications that you should try to install on your phone.

Best App for Mobile in 2022 You Should try

1. OpenSea

Fans of NFT may already know a lot about OpenSea. Most people know OpenSea only as a place to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Still, OpenSea can be used for many other things, like turning art into NFT.

It’s easy to use, so it’s great for people who are just starting out. OpenSea’s Lazy Minting is an NFT generator that lets users create NFTs without paying a gas fee and for only a 2.5 percent service fee (deducted directly from the selling price).

2. Rarible

Even though it’s not as well-known, Rarible is also a favorite of the creators who make NFT. Blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos, and Flow can be used by people who use this software to create NFT artworks. Rarible is also an NFT marketplace, which means that art can be listed and sold right away. Users can connect their Rarible account to a wallet to make buying and selling items easier.

3. 500px

Once Money Tamer is out, 500px will be one of the greatest photo applications for selling photos. This application is either free to use or requires a subscription to access. However, there is a weekly limit of 7 photos for free 500px accounts. 500px, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you don’t have a huge library of stock photos to sell. Utilize the lull in uploading by going on a photo hunt.

4. Agora Images

Agora Images is highly recommended as a photo application since you keep all of the money you make from selling photos. The only difference is that the amount of money you can earn depends on your membership level, which ranges from “Junior” to “Advanced,” “Pro,” and “Master”.

One more thing I like about Agora is that you keep all of the rights to the photos you sell. Therefore, you can sell to make money off of the photos you’ve already sold on Agora Images by selling them in other photo apps. The more photos you sell, the higher your level will be.

5. ForexTime FXTM

The ForexTime FXTM application can automate forex trading. 180 countries have used this app’s trading features. Trust this trading application now. ForexTime FXTM’s software makes forex trading risk-free.

This trading application caters to both pros and beginners. Its audience grows. Adaptable leverage can boost your earnings. This advantage depends on your knowledge and experience. Fixed and variable spreads are available. After the trade, you can request a withdrawal, and the firm will process it in minutes.

You shouldn’t have trouble using the software. Account creation is required. Before trading, you must submit ID and transfer money. Trading software is millisecond-fast. Market researchers will also provide daily comments. Free trading tools help you make informed decisions. This app has Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android versions.

6. MetaTrader

When it comes to mobile trading platforms, the MetaTrader app is a top choice among individual investors. This program is useful for trading stocks, currencies, and other financial assets on the go or at your desk.

Also, the app offers a broad overview of the financial markets by way of many real-time graphics that include past data. Keeping an eye on the market like this is a must. The most recent financial news is presented with a variety of analytical instruments including the Gann, Fibonacci, and Elliot scales.

7. Kitty Live Streaming

This one application is probably more popular among female live streamers. Live streaming using Kitty Live Streaming becomes more interactive by allowing streaming with 8 other people. Streamers who broadcast regularly and have many viewers will be crowned Miss Kitty.

8. Interceptor Trading

Interceptor Trading is a powerful forex trading and analysis application. This app helps you track the top currencies and stocks. The app includes 14 types of advanced charts, 160 intelligence indicators, and sketching tools.

This application was previously only on desktop PCs. It’s also mobile-friendly. This app offers split-screen and quad-layer modes, as well as touch-screen trading management capabilities.

This app, like Netdania, uses the cloud to provide analytical tools, trade data, and price notifications on any device. Trading Interceptor comes with many trading tools. Trading stimulators, economic calendars, intelligence reports, data release notifications, and risk scanners are examples.

This app is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australia’s ASIC. His trustworthiness can’t be questioned. You may download this trading application for free on Android and iOS.

9. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is among the largest U.S. trading platforms. This trading application offers access to a variety of financial instruments. So it’s not only currency trading, yes. The TD Ameritrade app stands out because it emphasizes training forex traders to help them avoid financial loss.

The think tank distributes internet-sourced introductory content. If you’re new to forex trading, you may feel more prepared and find it easier to handle transactions and risks.

10. MetaTrader 4

Meta Trader 4 is last. MetaQuotes Software’s application. It’s popular. Other tools include technical analysis indicators, news feeds, and internet charts. Get real-time quotes and trading times. You can analyze a lot. Learning Trading Ebook for Beginners and the best trading software may help you enhance your trading skills (Trading).


There are so many other money-making applications that you can try apart from the list above, but you have to make sure that the application you are going to install is really trusted. You can see reviews from users first to convince you.


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