How to Use the Olymp Trade Platform to Trade Digital Options

Olymp Trade is one of the top options brokers available. It has a lot of instruments, a wonderful design, a lot of analytical tools, and a lot of features. You may access it using a web browser or a mobile app, and you can log in to your Olymp Trade account from any location.
Why should you start with a demo account?
You will not lose money if you make a terrible deal this way. These accounts are also excellent for testing tactics and tracking market changes.

How to trade on the Olymp Trade platform?

You must first log into your account. Then you’ll see a trading chart that illustrates the price variations. Japanese candlestick and area charts are among the available chart types. You may also use the technical indicators and technical analysis tools located on the upper left side of your trading screen. Then you must select the asset pair you wish to trade. There are over 70 options to pick from. Currency, cryptocurrency, commodities, indexes, and exchange-traded equities are all options. Before finishing the deal, you will be able to see the possible profit.

After that, select the holding time and the amount of money you want to invest into the deal. You have a range of options ranging from $10 to $5,000,000. Don’t exceed 5% of your whole budget.

Finally, go to the ‘up’ or ‘down’ buttons to make a prediction of the price movement. Analyze the market ahead of time and choose wisely.


Potential outcomes

You may either win and receive a return of up to 80% for basic accounts and up to 92% for VIP accounts, or you can lose your money.


How do you improve your chances of winning?

The site has a simple design and a plethora of options to assist you in making money. You may reduce your losses by following these suggestions.

Begin with two or three pairs to trade with. It would be easier to watch them in this manner over an extended period of time. You may add more when you’ve achieved some experience.

Select and implement a smart approach. You should choose an acceptable approach based on how volatile the market is.

The platform includes several analytical tools and indicators. Use them to track variations and create accurate forecasts.

Manage your money and never risk more than 5% on a single deal.

There are several learning materials available to you, which you should investigate.

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