Meta is experimenting with new tools that will allow Horizon World creators to earn money.

Meta Platforms, which owns Facebook, is developing new capabilities that will enable artists to monetize their work by selling digital assets and experiences on Horizon Worlds, its virtual reality (VR) platform.

Meta’s immersive platform, which can be accessible through VR headsets, is a major component of the company’s goal of building a Metaverse. People may talk, work, and play in this virtual environment.

According to the firm, monetization potential will first be offered to a restricted number of users who develop virtual lectures, games, and fashion items on the platform.

Bonus Program for Creators

Meta Is Experimenting With New Tools to Allow Horizon World's Creators to Make Money

Furthermore, social media is experimenting with a “Creator Bonus” system for a small number of Horizon Worlds users in the United States. Every month, users will be compensated for using the company’s new services.

These incentives are combined to build monthly goal programmes in which writers are compensated depending on goal achievement at the end of the month. Author incentives are completely commission-free and dispersed among the writers. For the time being, designers are rewarded in this limited test for creating places that attract the most outstanding time. However, these objectives may shift with time, such as B. encouraging writers to adopt new tools or capabilities offered by Meta.

“We want a lot more great worlds. There need to be a lot more developers who can support themselves and make it their career,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during an interaction with Avatars among early adopters.

Virtual Objects and Effects for Sale

Meta Is Experimenting With New Tools to Allow Horizon World's Creators to Make Money

Meta is collaborating with a few select producers on a trial initiative that will allow them to sell virtual items and effects in their worlds. For example, someone may create and sell fashion accessories or provide paid access to a new part of the globe.

Anyone over the age of 18 can buy Horizon Worlds in the United States and Canada, where it is presently available. Crafters who sell their wares will notice a trading tab and a crafting device that they may use to create relevant items.

Investing Significantly in the Metaverse

Meta Is Experimenting With New Tools to Allow Horizon World's Creators to Make Money

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has made significant investments in virtual and augmented reality to symbolise its new bet on the metaverse – a futuristic vision of a network of virtual settings available via different devices where people can work, interact, and play.

The company competes with new virtual world players, where land, buildings, avatars, and even names may be bought and sold as non-fungible tokens or blockchain-based virtual assets.

The market for these assets exploded last year, with sales reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Horizon Worlds, a vast virtual reality social network, and Horizon Venues, a virtual event platform, are early examples of metaverse-like locales.

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