The Best Trading Platform for Newcomers

When they first start out, many traders want to see how to employ various financial products. These options may give comfort as well as a fixed profit return. Today’s essay will concentrate on the Forex service provided by IQ Option.

Overview of Forex
Forex is an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange. It covers the exchange of numerous currencies and is the largest market, with over $1 trillion transacted every day.

This market was formed as a consequence of various financial transactions between states, individuals, or institutions. The way it works is that one side sells one currency to purchase another, and vice versa. All of these transactions require a currency pair, such as EUR/USD and 1.800, which implies that you may buy one Euro for $1,800 USD.

How are prices established?

Foreign currency rates are determined by supply and demand. This is usually true, yet the government, central bank, or brokers can also have an impact.

Today’s topic will be supply and demand. Every currency has a bid and an asking price, which is critical. The former denotes the quantity agreed upon by one party to sell at a specific time. The latter is the amount that one party has promised to pay at any particular time. You don’t have to own the currency you’re buying or selling if you use IQ Option. The idea is to understand how to profit from those trades.

How does IQ Option make money?
As previously stated, foreign exchange trading entails buying and selling a currency pair. Consider the following scenario: the EUR/USD is at 1.1576/1.1578. As a result, you can buy 1 EUR for $1.1576 or sell 1 EUR for $1.1578. If you decide to buy the Euro at this price, you will be anticipating a future price increase, which will result in a profit when you sell. If, on the other hand, you sell at the stated price, your hope will be for a future drop so that you may buy it for less money. The difference between the purchase or sale price and the future purchasing or selling price is your profit or loss.

Returning to the previous example, if you buy at 1.1576 and the price rises to 1.1580, you will make a $0.004 profit. It’s not a large sum, but it would be different if you had purchased 100 lots (each one includes 100 units). You’ll then make $40.

Who participates in the foreign exchange market?

It has a number of participants. You are trading against other independent dealers since the price is so dependant on supply and demand. These are the minor players. Governments and banks are the largest. However, you should be aware that no single side is large enough to control the market. This implies you have just as much of a chance of making a profit.

Foreign exchange markets versus options markets
The guide will teach you more about the two marketplaces and what distinguishes them. Only the largest ones are shown in this article.

In Forex, there is no such thing as an expiration date.
When working with options, you must provide an expiry date between 1 minute and a month. However, Forex does not require this. The only method to end a transaction is to quit it or when the price reaches a certain level.

Stop-loss orders
This is useful while attempting to reduce losses. Assume you’ve invested $100 in a transaction and set a 10% stop loss. This closes the deal whenever the sum falls below $90. IQ Option handles it automatically. If you are in the foreign currency market, you must be cautious of trade losses.

Profit should be taken.
This one functions as a stop loss. The primary difference is that this one will close a deal if a certain positive sum is reached. By reinvesting $100, you may set a profit target of $50, which will cause the algorithm to immediately quit the trade once attained.

This method, one may ensure that he or she always makes a profit and assists you depart at the greatest feasible time. Because the market is so volatile, everything may turn upside down and you could miss out on a good transaction simply because there was no pre-set take profit.


Leverage is available through IQ Option. You may increase your profit by doing so. Assume you’ve invested $100 with a leverage of X50. This implies you are now trading with $5000, which is 50 times your initial investment. It would be helpful if you remembered to employ leverage with pre-set stop losses and profit targets.

Exit from the trade
This options tool assures that the trader will know the outcome of the transaction within a specified time frame. The price of Foreign Exchange determines the trading outflow. It will remain active as long as the value does not surpass a specific threshold. This can last for several weeks at times. You may manually halt a transaction on IQ Option.

When you use options, you will earn a set return per trade. Foreign exchange allows you to earn more than 100% in returns. This is because market volatility is critical here, and if you accurately predict how the price will change, you will profit. When leverage is used, you might expect a profit of up to 500 percent in some situations, making it an extremely successful technique of trading. However, keep in mind that you might lose a much more, so putting a stop loss is a good idea.

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