The Teen Who Wants to Unite All Young People Around the World

YOUTHTOPIA is a new project by the adolescent sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen (writers of the Bye-Bye Plastic Bags project in Bali).
Its primary goal is to develop a new generation of young leaders capable of making a genuine difference in the fight against climate change.
Melati and Isabel Wijsen are not new to environmental control. Their initiative Bye-Bye Plastic was a big success, and single-use plastic was prohibited on Bali. However, Melati (who was 15 at the time) soon realised that there was more to be done.

Melati emphasised needed improvements in education four years later, in her statement at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2020. In her perspective, outmoded educational institutions are incapable of keeping up with the changes in our fast-paced world, and the young of today are capable of resolving this issue. YOUTHTOPIA will provide training and, eventually, will become the worldwide headquarters for all young changemakers.

Melati aspires to encourage young people all around the world to identify something they can do today to save the earth with the use of an online platform where the workshops are hosted.

Melati and Isabel are among the young people, such as Greta Thunberg and Felix Finkbeiner, who are motivated to improve the future of the Earth. YOUTHTOPIA focuses on teaching critical skills such as leadership, public speaking, and interacting with government authorities. They share the essential information they’ve gained via their work throughout the years.

The girls underline the importance of acting now to “question the comfort of the current quo” throughout the world.

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